Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bruiser vs. Virtue

Villainess Bruiser (AKA Stacy Burke) beats, strips, and humiliates the shocked, blonde superheroine known as Virtue (AKA Tanya Danielle.) Join to see this gallery in its entirety!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Desdemona vs. Ms. Morals

Superheroine Ms. Morals (AKA Tanya Danielle) is out to discover the whereabouts of her sister superheroine Virtue. When last seen Virtue had set off to investigate the reputed stash house of dark-haired ubervillainess Desdemona (AKA Goldie Blair). Ms. Morals suspects that Desdemona may be holding Virtue hostage at this very house. Moments after her arrival at the location Ms. Morals is confronted by none other than Desdemona herself...

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Desdemona vs. Virtue

Diabolical ubervillainess Desdemona (AKA Goldie Blair) has set a trap for fair-haired superheroine Virtue (AKA Tanya Danielle.) Desdemona overpowers Virtue as soon as Virtue traipses into her hideout. Virtue fights valiantly but is no match for the iron-muscled villainess. After subduing the superheroine Desdemona informs her that she intends to add her to her stable of sex slaves! Visit XXX Superheroines for previews of more of our superheroine galleries and videos!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mercedes vs. Catwoman

The newest inductee of the nefarious Catwoman clan, Mercedes Ashley, has cornered superheroine Virtue in a hotel room in Butte, Montana. Virtue does not take her seriously and the women share a few laughs about it. Mercedes is just faking her good humor. Virtue's disdain of her pedigree has imbued Mercedes with a boundless rage that seems to have come straight from Hell. After briefly concealing her ferocity behind a veneer of civility, Mercedes earns her Catwoman claws by utterly humiliating and destroying the arrogant superheroine, leaving her for dead..

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XO Tanya


Sunday, September 14, 2008

American Angel - Episode 17

Now playing at American Angel - Part 17: Episode Seventeen of a Tanya Danielle Superheroine series

Who is this dark-haired villainness who stalks American Angel?? We do not yet know. American Angel did not take the threat to her safety very seriously and now she may pay the price as this mysterious brunette vixen suddenly materializes in American Angel's hotel room!! Buy Episode #17 at to witness the confrontation..