Thursday, August 28, 2014



A decade of treachery sends the woman once known as Marnie nearly to jail and then on the run. She forsakes her past career of embezzlement and moves to the United States. A spate of petty larcenies enables her to survive. Gradually she hones her skills, becoming more and more adept at spotting individuals whom she can exploit for large gains. This highly personal type of crime awakens other desires within her. After a lifetime of near celibacy she now searches for opportunities to both rob and sexually plunder her victims. By late 2013 Marnie - who now calls herself Goldie - has developed a twisted protocol in which she overpowers female targets, forces them to orgasm against their wishes, and then steals the rest of their valuables. A chance sighting of American crimefighter Moral Woman sets Goldie asimmer with lust. She wants this piece of superheroine pussy more than anything else upon which she has ever lain her covetous eyes..

Goldie Blair and Tanya Danielle star in Immoralgasm, a superheroine sexfight blockbuster featuring catfight elements, punching, lesbian domination, kissing, breast worship, pussy licking, ass eating, and forced orgasm. Watch Immoralgasm at now!


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fistfight to Fornication

Resplendent in gold-trimmed finery Moral Woman (played by Tanya Danielle) prepares to set a trap for the diabolical, thieving Lesbia (played by Francesca Le.) Mayor Nancy cautions Moral Woman not to underestimate her adversary. The superheroine solemnly agrees but inwardly relishes the opportunity for a rematch with this most insidious of foes. Lesbia tricks Moral Woman by confronting her first. The two females face one another within the dimly lit confines of a truck stop motel. To Moral Woman's utter amazement Lesbia agrees to a fistfight, a fair and square contest of athleticism, skill, and strength. They trade powerful blows until the material world ceases to exist for one of them. She awakens with rope-tied wrists, torn pantyhose, and stars dancing inside of her head. Her exposed pussy and wet asshole have a story to tell but she can make sense of nothing in this distorted environment. Has she landed on a different planet? The smell of rampant fornication lingers in the air. A female form hovers above her, sinister intentions dripping from every centimeter of its perspiring flesh..

Fistfight to Fornication - starring Francesca Le and Tanya Danielle - contains a full boxing match, verbal sparring, tit busting, belly punching, KO, bondage, pantyhose, lesbian domination, spitting, kissing, pussy licking, ass licking, and forced orgasm. Watch Fistfight to Fornication at now!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Origins of Power Girl

In the early stages of her career Power Girl (AKA Tanya Danielle) demonstrates the type of hubris that can only lead to a downfall. "Arrogance is blindness." her superiors warn repeatedly. Power Girl lacks sufficient experience and insight to even partially comprehend this cautionary statement. She flexes her muscles unnecessarily, enters rooms with brusque indifference for the other occupants, and pilots her hydroplane in an absurdly aggressive fashion. "You are no better than a human when you conduct yourself in this manner!" one of Power Girl's closest advisors cries out in exasperation. This provokes only a reaction of snide indifference. Circumstances nearly destroy Power Girl soon afterward. Within weeks the svelte, blonde superheroine finds herself inside the lair of notorious ubervillainess Bat Girl (AKA Summer Cummings), restrained only by the viselike grip of her abductress. Power Girl musters every last ounce of strength but, to her immense chagrin, cannot break free. Bat Girl laughs with glee and quickly strips Power Girl naked before binding her wrist to ankle with coarse, white ropes. A hideous, heretofore unparalleled campaign of degradation follows. Years from now, when Power Girl reflects on the turning points of her life, she will remember this lurid encounter as the episode which chastened her forever, forcing her to become a resolute, noble crimefighter who always puts the needs of others before her own. For the moment, however, she can only cringe in terror and shriek helplessly as Bat Girl shaves all the hair off her superheroine pussy and then decorates the exposed flesh with huge, burning globs of hot liquid. Minutes seem to extend into hours as tender epidermis sizzles. Through the pain Power Girl sees Bat Girl reaching for yet another implement of demonic torture..

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Paroxysms of Pleasure - Part 2

The man stares at her with appalling intention. She pretends not to notice. He tries to intercept her gaze each time she lifts her eyeballs from the papers on the tabletop in front of her. She stares through him. His unwavering attention prevents her from relaxing or absorbing the nuances of the surrounding environment. The man starts playing loud, grating music from a transistor radio. Everyone in the room collectively ignores him for the next seven minutes. Finally he shuts off the device and begins whistling tunelessly. No one reacts to this new annoyance. Eventually he stops trying to elicit a response from his blonde quarry and leaves the donut shop. Black Canary breathes a quiet sigh of relief. Her sister, Hyacinth, has vanished from this very neighborhood and Black Canary does not want to waste precious time fending off advances from misguided, would-be suitors. Rumor has it that Hyacinth has fallen prey to a ruthless villain known as Psymaster. Black Canary returns her attention to a road atlas found in her sibling's abandoned vehicle, not realizing that she has just had her own encounter with Psymaster himself. Vibrations from his jarring music still rattle her eardrums. A notation in Hyacinth's familiar handwriting catches Black Canary's eye. Th words "Aviation Motel" appear next to an arrow which extends toward the intersection of Imperial Highway and Aviation Boulevard. Black Canary rises from the booth and prepares to do more reconnaissance. Soon she will discover that Hyacinth, in her zeal to become a full-fledged superheroine, has assumed the moniker "Megababe" and placed herself in a predicament which may well spell doom for their entire family..

Paroxysms of Pleasure - Part 2 stars Tanya Danielle as Black Canary. In this lurid episode she must resist the effects of a strangulation device which has the capability to both sexually arouse and destroy her. (Co-produced by SF.)


Friday, April 4, 2014

Paroxysms of Pleasure - Part 1

Thin, awkward Hyacinth Drake (played by Tanya Danielle) grows up in the shadow of her older sister, Dinah. A singularly unique superheroine ability coupled with years of discipline have enabled Dinah to transform herself into the legendary crimefighter known as Black Canary. From a distance Hyacinth watches as her sibling teams up with such luminaries as Lady Blackhawk and Oracle to form the Birds of Prey, one of the fiercest crimefighting squadrons that the world has ever known. Hyacinth secretly begins cultivating her own talents. Fate has granted her the ability, like her sister, to emit an ultrasonic cry which can temporarily immobilize all living creatures with its intensity. An evil entity known as Psymaster tracks her training and her progress. He becomes obsessed. In his notes he refers to her as "Megababe", a somewhat derisive moniker attributable to her cascading blonde hair,slim waistline, and large, jiggling breasts. Patiently, determinedly he designs a strangulation device which has the capability to sexually arouse both Megababe and her sister by compressing their vocal chords. Utilized over a length of time it will silence their superpowers forever. Will Psymaster succeed in luring Megababe and Black Canary to their doom??

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lesbian Damnation

Two separate eyewitness accounts place ubervillainness Lesbia (played by Francesca Le) within the gates of Parker City. An iron fist of terror grips the heart of Mayor Nancy. Ample documentation of Lesbia's last scourge of violence - which resulted in the homosexual defilement of thousands of female citizens - still lingers in the vaults of City Hall. From a darkened twelfth floor office the mayor fruitlessly, feverishly attempts to contact elusive superheroine Moral Woman (played by Tanya Danielle.) Hours pass. Gradually the sun replaces the moon in the sky, encapsulating the city in a bright, orange glow. Contrails of mist drift past the spires of only the tallest downtown structures. Inspiration hits Mayor Nancy like a sledgehammer. She places a phone call. Sister Tanya, longtime religious ally of the Superheroine Sisterhood, answers on the third ring. She listens carefully to the politician's strident, albeit slightly slurred, words and pretends not to notice the tinkling of ice cubes in the background. With reassuring solemnity Sister Tanya promises to do everything in her power to locate Moral Woman. Mayor Nancy drops the receiver back into its cradle and passes out at her desk. She has unwittingly conducted the entire conversation on a tapped phone line, thus revealing the exact whereabouts of Sister Tanya to the forces of evil. Lesbia and her cohorts now lay the foundation for a fiendish plot which will entrap Sister Tanya and force her to lead them to their desired prey: Moral Woman. (This hardcore superheroine-themed sexfight video contains punching, hair pulling, breast mauling, wrestling holds, facesitting, pussy licking, ass eating, and forced orgasm.)

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Batwoman Captured

Sadistic captors have turned the tables on Batwoman (AKA Tanya Danielle). They watch with glee as she withstands the pain of an excruciatingly tight breast press and struggles against her confinement.. Buy Now