Friday, April 4, 2014

Paroxysms of Pleasure - Part 1

Thin, awkward Hyacinth Drake (played by Tanya Danielle) grows up in the shadow of her older sister, Dinah. A singularly unique superheroine ability coupled with years of discipline have enabled Dinah to transform herself into the legendary crimefighter known as Black Canary. From a distance Hyacinth watches as her sibling teams up with such luminaries as Lady Blackhawk and Oracle to form the Birds of Prey, one of the fiercest crimefighting squadrons that the world has ever known. Hyacinth secretly begins cultivating her own talents. Fate has granted her the ability, like her sister, to emit an ultrasonic cry which can temporarily immobilize all living creatures with its intensity. An evil entity known as Psymaster tracks her training and her progress. He becomes obsessed. In his notes he refers to her as "Megababe", a somewhat derisive moniker attributable to her cascading blonde hair,slim waistline, and large, jiggling breasts. Patiently, determinedly he designs a strangulation device which has the capability to sexually arouse both Megababe and her sister by compressing their vocal chords. Utilized over a length of time it will silence their superpowers forever. Will Psymaster succeed in luring Megababe and Black Canary to their doom??

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